Osman Koc

CEO Userguiding
Country of Origin

Osman, the co-founder and CEO of UserGuiding. He 30 years old and from Turkey.  Loves horseback riding, table tennis, camping, and hiking." I've been trying to read at least 50 pages a day for about 4 years. I have my own blog and I host two podcasts in Turkish. I also mentor at least two early-stage startups every week.

I graduated from one of the best universities in Eastern Europe, Bogazici University. My bachelor's in Business Administration. I started my career as an investment analyst in one of the biggest angel investment networks in Turkey. During those years, I reviewed more than three thousand business plans and interviewed almost six hundred entrepreneurs. That was a great kitchen for me to understand the basic dynamics of entrepreneurship.

Then, I co-founded YNOT Partners startup studio, where we helped entrepreneurs to build their companies. I was responsible for sales, financial management, and human resources at this company. After building and launching seven web applications, we noticed that onboarding is such a huge challenge for any kind of software business. Even though some tools were on the market, the affordable ones didn’t work properly. The properly working ones were extremely expensive for early-stage companies and SMEs. So, we decided to build UserGuiding to provide an affordable solution for SMEs to accelerate their product adoption and growth

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