Ajay Bam

Founder & CEO- Vyrill
Artificial Intelligence
Country of Origin

Ajay is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, educator and innovator with 13+ years of experience with building startups with successful exits like Modiv Media and launching products with world class brands like Nokia, Lehman Brothers in areas of e-commerce, digital payments and mobile marketing. He has built and led products teams, has strong

cross-functional and international product development experience in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Solid track record of launching new products in new/emerging markets, product innovation (issued patents), strategy and revenue growth. He was also a lecturer of entrepreneurship at the Haas school of business at U.C.Berkeley. Ajay frequently mentors startup founders and sits on the advisory board of startups. Ajay speaks German, French, and Hindi.

Ajay is currently the co-founder and CEO of Vyrill.com, a U.C.Berkeley founded and funded startup, that helps digital marketers make sense of their video content on social media/web and leverage video intelligence for product marketing. Vyrill uses natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning technologies to tag, analyze and provide insights on product videos. The product is an artificial intelligence powered video analytics, video licensing and content marketing platform for user generated video content. Valuable insights can be gained from using Vyrill dashboard and underlying platform to help better understand the video content being published by not only brands, but also their customers, fans, critics, experts, influencers, etc. Vyrill helps convert video insights into product marketing actions with its content marketing tools.

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