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At Startup Summit LIVE we're looking for Investors who'd love to jump in on some wonderful opportunities with the startups that will be pitching LIVE at the event.

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2-A/3, Kundan Mansion
Asaf Ali Road
Delhi - 110002, IN

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Some FAQs we can help answer.
What kind of startups are coming?
We're bringing in mostly early stage, pre-seed startups to startups looking to get venture capital. All belong to diverse domains, not restricted by a specific category. The demographic is mostly Asian followed by European.
How is it going to happen?
Its simple, within 5-10 minutes a team will demonstrate their pitch LIVE. Post this you have 10-20 minutes to ask them questions, grill them and then shoot your numbers to see if you want to pick someone or not, right on camera!
How do I get started?
Please fill the form above and we'll get in touch with you shortly regarding further details.