Are angels the only saviours for startups?

Discussing bootstrapping models and various forms of raising capital through the perspective of financiers

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Developing Quick MVPs for Tech Products

Software and Tech Firms on Developing Fast prototypes and racing to market

Increasing Healthcare availability through tech startups

A session on Virtual Care, Remote Medicine, Healthcare Analytics

The Tasteful Journey of Food Entrepreneurs

Working across, taste, nutrition and building brands around food

Founder Talk - Bharat Matrimony

The Pioneering Journey of over 22 Years

Mobile Apps driving Financial Inclusion

Understanding values allowing larger scale adoption of financial products through software applications

Managing sacrifices while scaling a startup

An entrepreneur is burdened with decisions and sacrifices, how do we balance time, control, security and health.

Founder Talk - TrueFan

Nimish delivers a talk representing TrueFan

Building Educational platforms beyond Boards and Classrooms

EdTech Founders discuss trends and technology empowering learning beyond classrooms

Winning trust first, funds second

Essentials in demonstrating trust and showcasing reliability to investors

Financial Security for Emerging Firms

Discussing how a startup manages their finances, strategies to mitigate financial risk and learning to be secure

Harnessing the Power and Hype of Web3.0

Harnessing the Power and Hype of Web3.0

E-Commerce in a Box - From Funnels to Logistics

Overview of marketing, operations and logistical challenges faced by some leading E-commerce Firms

How startups can ride the wave of AI Innovation

AI is a hot trend for all things tech, where can it additionally be applied?

Founder Talk - HomeLane

Srikanth Iyer, speaks on how serial entrepreneurs balance/shift focus